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Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope, you will find something of interest and stay awhile, I'll even put on a pot of coffee, or tea, if that's more your thing. You will find anything from the latest going-ons in my life, to a recipe or two and lots and lots of photography. I'm on a continued journey to improve my skills while enjoying this hobby I'm so passionate about!

87/365 a 90/365


  A few busy days here combined with tiredness at night and I didn’t post any of my Project 365 shots. I think, I’ve been doing pretty good keeping up with it overall and can’t believe that it’s been 3 months since I started. I’ve been thinking about possibly just posting to Instagram every day […]

86/365 Mad Hatter


   I’m so proud of this girl. She was chosen to do the make-up for the middle school production of Alice in Wonderland. Tonight she practiced her Mad Hatter look. She used a photograph of Johnny Depp in character and other than not having the white face make-up she did pretty great. She definitely has […]

85/365 Blooming yellow


  A sure sign of Spring in Florida. These are everywhere. Bright pops of color to put a smile on your face! xoxo, Susi  Like this:Like Loading…

84/365 My sister, my friend


  Today I got not one, but two packages in the mail. One from my dearest friend and one from my sister. She sent me this WillowTree statue of two sisters. It’s entitled: My sister, my friend. And the description reads: Walk with me. And along the way, we’ll share… everything.  I truly love it […]