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Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope, you will find something of interest and stay awhile, I'll even put on a pot of coffee, or tea, if that's more your thing. You will find anything from the latest going-ons in my life, to a recipe or two and lots and lots of photography. I'm on a continued journey to improve my skills while enjoying this hobby I'm so passionate about!

63/365 A smile and a sun flare


 I have always loved the late afternoon light coming in through our big window in the living room. I couldn’t resist snapping this shot of little one and the sun flare right behind her.  Hope you all had a super duper Wednesday!! xo,Susi Like this:Like Loading…

61/365 Pretty Lights


 Little one brought home this cool pair of kaleidoscope glasses today and once I saw what they could do, I had to see if I could do what I did. I held the glasses in front of my iPhone lens and the result was what you see. Pretty cool if you ask me! xoxo, […]

59/365 and 60/365 Weekend Edition


 I took this photo outside the Broward County Convention Center yesterday evening. The fountain is pretty fantastic and made for a great backdrop for a few shots of the robotics competition team who survived their first, 3 days worth, FIRST regional competition. I’ve been pretty involved with the robotics team in part because the […]