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Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope, you will find something of interest and stay awhile, I'll even put on a pot of coffee, or tea, if that's more your thing. You will find anything from the latest going-ons in my life, to a recipe or two and lots and lots of photography. I'm on a continued journey to improve my skills while enjoying this hobby I'm so passionate about!

31/365 Saturdaze


I’ve been in a bit of a daze most of the day. Not sure of it’s a cold bugging me or allergies. No matter, I feel under the weather. Couldn’t wake up this morning, had aches and pains and my head felt fuzzy. I decided a giant mug of vanilla chai (thanks sis) and some […]

30/365 Robot Boy


Watched the boy working away on the robot for quite some time. It was a sight to see. He was so intent on what he was doing. xo, Susi Like this:Like Loading…

29/365 Finn


*Photo taken with my iPhone 5s and edited with Pixlr Express for iPad. No cats were harmed in the “production” of this photograph!!! xoxo, Susi Like this:Like Loading…

28/365 Blue sky and Palm trees (Wordless Wednesday)


Sending some sunshine and warmth to all my friends up North! xoxo, Susi *Linking up with… Like this:Like Loading…