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Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope, you will find something of interest and stay awhile, I'll even put on a pot of coffee, or tea, if that's more your thing. You will find anything from the latest going-ons in my life, to a recipe or two and lots and lots of photography. I'm on a continued journey to improve my skills while enjoying this hobby I'm so passionate about!

Flower Power and Aviary


On our recent trip to my mom’s house I took tons of pictures around her garden again. Tonight, I was re-checking out the aviary by Adobe app for photo editing and now I’m wondering why I don’t use it more. It’s pretty spiffy and has lots of options for hours of editing fun. This is […]

Holiday parties and fill in fun…


Last Saturday, hubby and I went to his company Christmas party and it was pretty nice to be out and about among adults. We look pretty spiffy, don’t we? Especially since my darling husband didn’t inform me that the party had a 1920’s theme until 9 am that morning. How lucky did I get that […]

Fill in fun and randomness


You guys, can I tell you something? I love clicking on that little “visit site” button when I open my dashboard. I really love the look of my blog right now… I hope, it lasts for a while. One week closer to Winter break and I cannot wait. This past week was a little tough […]

Droning on… (Wordless Wednesday)


Boys and their toys! Happy hump day everyone! We are getting closer to that much needed Winter break and I cannot wait, especially the way I’m currently feeling! Kids and their germs… Ugh! Linking up with some of my faves… And Tabitha!!!Don’t forget to grab your $10 coupon for Bonefish Grill here! Like this:Like Loading…