Home again, home again…

So much for the post about our weekend getaway. I really had every intention of posting today but somehow or other the day just slipped away from me. I’m sure it has something to do with having the kids home for another week and hubby on the couch with a cold. It will have to wait until Thursday… tomorrow is Wordless Wednesday and I wouldn’t miss it for the world!!! Got a great pic picked out already. At least I think so… maybe you will like it, too.

Today I got a lot of things around the house done. Laundry, laundry and more laundry, cleaning and straightening and so on… all the stuff that adds up even though we were only gone for 2 nights. Amazing how that happens. I also took down the tree since tomorrow is bulk pick up and I didn’t want the tree up another week. It is a lot less fun taking all the ornaments, garlands and light strings off the tree than it is to put them on. Mainly, because it’s a lonely job… no one wants to help with that task!!!!

The only thing left to do now is take down the outside lights and peel off all the window stickers on the front window. Wonder if I can get middle daughter to help with that? As much as I love decorating for Christmas–I’m always happy to have the house back in order and looking less cluttered.

Even though I didn’t get my intended post out I still got a lot accomplished today. Looking on the bright side!!! :)

Do you ever feel like your day runs away from you?


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    I usually have the Christmas decorations down the day after New Years. This year I took the time to relax. I didn’t get much done and the time flew by. But I was much more happier and less stressed about getting the house in order. Last night I did get most of the decorations done and the house is getting back in shape.