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June 18, 2013

I’m so happy to let you guys know that the lovely Nicolette of Working on a Project has decided to bring back her monthly link-up that’s focused on us mom’s. And to add to my excitement, she has graciously invited me to be her co-host.

The fun will begin again on July 15th and every month following after. So please, get your cameras ready and get in the shot and then share with the hashtag #focusonmom.

In Nicolette’s words…

Here’s the plan:
  1. Susi and I are going to co-host the challenge every month starting July 15th. In the future, we will be including a rotating third host. If you are interested send one of us an email or contact us via social media.
  2. Post your photo on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and add the #focusonmom to the description.We are going to use the #focusonmom across all social media to make this challenge as accessible as possible. What does that mean? You don’t need to have a blog to join us. All you need is an account with either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. 
  3. Visit this blog or Susi’s and link up your picture. If you have a blog then add a link to your post. If not, then add a link to your Facebook photo, Instagram feed, or Twitter handle. I will be sharing a post explaining how to do all of these as we get closer.
  4. Spread the word! If you follow us on Twitter (me / Susi) and/or Facebook (me / Susi) it will be easier to share our reminder posts. 
  5. Encourage others. Starting the 15th of each month click the hashtag on any of social media sites to see the pics shared. Show some love, make some new friends and support other women who have taken the time to get in front of the camera.
I’m so excited about this relaunch and would love your feedback. 
What do you think? Thoughts? Suggestions? Can I count on all of you to join us?
I’m as excited as Nicolette to bring back the Focus on Mom photo challenge and I hope, that many of you will join us and share your moments in front of the camera. I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!!!
Click here and here to see some of my old Focus on Mom posts to give you an idea on what you can do!
Hope everyone is having a great week.
I’ve been pretty busy between camp, a quick weekend trip and a sick 4-year-old but hope to get a few posts out this week.

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