Kids on Broadway – Musical Theater Camp

July 29, 2013

I’ve mentioned before that middle daughter had the chance to attend musical theater camp this summer. The boy, little one and myself have two more weeks of camp, but she’s done for now and may I just say, she went out with a bang – in a good way!!! 🙂 This past week was a busy one for her with rehearsals in the beginning of the week and two nights of shows at the end. The poor kids were absolutely exhausted. As I’m writing this she’s relaxing and spending the week with my mom.

kids on broadway - programs - edit

The kids at camp spanned in age from 5 years up to 14 and they worked on different Broadway numbers from all kinds of musicals (see the synopsis below) – in about 6 weeks these amazing children learned 21 numbers – song and dance. They worked hard and did an amazing job at all 4 of their official shows. The shows were performed at the school/camp’s black box theater.

I couldn’t be more proud of my girl and I know the rest of the family feels the same… some tears were shed by my mom, MIL and myself and great-grandma kept saying how our girl was the prettiest one there and should be in the front for the whole of the show!!!

Her best friend, who came with us to see the show said at one point that she can imagine her and little one as a sister duo later on. Little One was singing and dancing along to most of the songs because Middle had taught her at home. I do believe I will have two “Broadway” stars at camp next year!!!

kids on broadway - musical synopsis - edit

I’ve put together a little collage with some of the photos I snapped with my phone. I’ve blurred out the faces of the other girls for their privacy but I think, you get the idea.

The numbers ranged across the board. The kids covered Oliver, Cinderella the Musical, Annie, Mamma Mia (my fave) and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and so many more.

And yes, as I was proudly watching my girl with tears in my eyes, I imagined her on a Broadway stage in New York many years from now.

kids on broadway collage

I hope you all have a wonderful week!!!


P.S. Just in case you were wondering, Little One has finally kicked whatever was ailing her and is returning to camp this week!!! 🙂

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  • Rorybore July 29, 2013 at 11:14 pm

    Bravo for Middle!!! I wish we could have seen her doing her thing.
    way to go!
    Annie is probably my fave. I used to watch and listen to that over and over when I was young.
    Keep shining Middle! 🙂
    and glad to hear your feeling much better Little One.

    • Susi July 30, 2013 at 4:39 pm

      Thanks, Leslie. I wish, I could share a video but a) I don’t have one, my mom does and b) we are not really allowed to show it on social media etc. Little One has been having a blast the last two days… so much fun, as a matter of fact that she hasn’t wanted to leave at the end of the day!!!

  • Sandra July 31, 2013 at 11:36 pm

    I know you’re a proud mama, Susi! It’s something else to see your own up on stage and in her comfort zone, isn’t it? If it’s her dream to be on Broadway someday, keep that dream real for her and she’ll absolutely do it! Kudos to your Middle!

    • Susi August 2, 2013 at 10:50 pm

      Thanks so much Sandra. I am definitely the proud mama and will do my best to always encourage her and keep reaching for the stars.

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