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August 27, 2013

It’s been a while since I shared one of my tutorials with you and this one was supposed to go up last Monday. I had some technical issues that gave me a big headache and so it had to wait. This one is another mobile app for making collages on your phone. It’s called Collage Maker and it’s available on Android. I’m not sure but I think, it’s equivalent to Pic Stitch on iPhone.

Here is a step by step picture tutorial on how to use the Collage Maker mobile app for Android to make some fun collages on your phone.

1) Tap the Collage Maker shortcut on your home screen after downloading it from the Play Store. The welcome screen will look like the picture on the left. It’s pretty self-explanatory – tap the blue button on the bottom of the screen “Tap to Start”.

collage maker 1

2) On the next screen you can select the grid format you’d like to use for your collage. Once you’ve chosen one tap it and the next screen will appear in the layout of your grid. Tap one of the pluses to add a picture.

collage maker 2

3) You can choose from your gallery, take a new photo or pick one from your Facebook photo album. Repeat for the other spaces.

collage maker 3

4) Once you’ve chosen your photos you can adjust them each individually and even use filters by tapping the photo you want to edit and work with and using the effects button on the bottom of the screen. Repeat as necessary for the other photos. I added a vintage filter to all 4 of my photos to give the collage a uniform look. When you are finished adding the filters just tap the check mark on the bottom left of the screen.

collage maker 5

5) After adding the filters you can add text and frames. To add a frame tap the frame button on the bottom of the screen and your options will pop up. Choose a frame by tapping it. To add stickers, like the whale ones I picked, tap the sticker button and pick form a wide variety of stickers. You can move them around on the grid and change the size to your liking.

collage maker 6

6) Lastly, I added a watermark with the text option. Tap the text button and then type your text into the box that pops up. Tap the check mark and you will see your font option. Scroll down and pick the font you’d like to use.

collage maker 7

7) After choosing the font by tapping on it, you have the option to change the color. Tap on the color option and the color picker will pop up. Choose the shade by moving the arrow up or down on the color bar to the right and then how light or dark you want that shade in the box to the left. Tap Ok. Et voila, your finished collage. I love the easy sharing buttons for Facebook and Instagram on the bottom of the finished collage. If you know me at all, you know, that I share pretty much all my collages or really any of my edited phone pics straight to Instagram. 🙂

collage maker 8

There you have it. Another easy way to create a wonderful collage using your phone pics and a smart phone app. Enjoy!!!

For my other tutorials you can go here, here, here, and here or just click on the tutorial tab in the menu above!

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  • Rach (DonutsMama) August 27, 2013 at 10:35 pm

    I’ve seen your collages on Instagram and wondered how people made them. I don’t have an Android anymore though but I’m sure there are some apps I can find for my iPhone.

    • Susi August 28, 2013 at 11:22 am

      Rachel, there are ton of apps for the iPhone. My mom uses picstitch to make collages on the iPhone and I think, it works very similarly to this one!

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