Snapshot Sunday {9/21/14}

September 21, 2014

Here’s a look back at my week… in Instagram shots.

It was a busy week again but not as bad as the last two weeks. We had to deal with less meetings and driving back and forth. Slowly, but surely we are getting used to this new routine of ours.

Since I came in mid-year at the school, all the beginning of the year stuff is new to me, not only do I have to deal with the usual kid related things but also work related. Between the two we have been kept hopping. I like to say it’s a good busy and I’m really not complaining, just marveling at how much our lives have changed in the past year or so.

We still try to make time for fun on the weekends. It’s hard for me to let go sometimes and relax, instead of doing the million things that need done around the house on the weekends. It does help that the kids insist on having fun…

Like last Sunday. It was a nice, non-rainy day for a change, so the girls hopped in the pool.

pool time

And later, we stopped by a new frozen yogurt/ice cream parlor for some treats. The girls went with fro-yo but I couldn’t resist a sea-salted caramel ice cream cone. It was delicious.

sea salted caramel icecream

And while we were munching away, Ally lost her second tooth. Her first one came out while she was eating chocolate and this one while eating frozen yogurt. Do you detect a theme here? Wonder how the next one will come out. 🙂

lost tooth #2

Then the weekly routine took over and time for play was pushed aside for school and work. On Tuesday, on my way home from the only after school meeting that week, I snapped a pic (at a red light) of the sunset. It’s been raining a lot and so we’ve had very cloudy skies which makes for amazing evening/sunset skies.


Thursday, I posted this pic of the two older kids for #throwbackthursday. Aren’t they just adorable. I loved how precious they both looked in their formal wear for my in-laws wedding years ago. Ashley was the flower girl and Conner the ring bearer.

wedding kids

At work, I was kept busy sorting $10 worth of pennies into a pre-1982 pile and post-1982 pile for a density lab. It took me forever and the pre- 1982 pile was a lot smaller than the the post but I was rewarded with this cool find. The oldest penny in the pile – 1955! The things this penny has done and seen. Just imagine, almost 60 years worth of circulating.

1955 pennies

Friday night, the girls and I went for a girls only dinner since our boys left to go to Melbourne, Florida for a robotics competition. After dinner, we went for some fro-y and then home to finally watch “The Fault in our Stars” – what a tear-jerker. I read the book months ago and had been wanting to see the movie. After the movie, all three of us piled into my bed and snuggled.

my girls

Yesterday, I spent the morning cleaning out and organizing a few kitchen cabinets and made a Goodwill run with some bags and boxes of old clothes and toys. I’ve decided to try to do one box a week and de-clutter a bit around here. I used to do a big clean-up twice a year but just don’t have the time for it anymore. I figure, if I keep it to a small, manageable portion, I’ll have better luck!

After all the work was done, we headed to Ally’s friend’s birthday party. It was the party to end all party. His mom really went all out and the kids had an absolute blast. There was a balloon guy, an artist who did caricature drawings, a giant piÑata and a bounce house but that was not all. The food, the decorations, the cake… it was just amazing.

birthday party fun

caricature girls

And oh yeah, how could I forget to share this last pic… I finally caved and bought my first box of Pumpkin Spice coffee of the season. I figured with only 2 days to go until the official start of fall, it was okay!

pumpkin spice

So there you have it folks. My week in pics.

Hope all of you had a great week and are enjoying your weekend!

xo, Susi





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  • Rorybore September 22, 2014 at 3:24 pm

    LOVE the drawings! So awesome.
    And I had my first official Pumpkin Spice today too! It’s cold, windy and overcast, so it seemed fitting. Plus I woke up filling like a cold has hit — probably due to my two recent nature walks with camera in hand. But, totally worth it. 🙂

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