Miss Smarty Pants ..


Ally broke out the lenses of her 3D glasses last night and wore them like this while doing homework: “So I look smart, mommy!” She was learning all about the number 2, in case you were wondering!!! Happy Hump Day! xo, Susi

It must be paradis..

2014 02 16_1894

Today was one of those perfect days that I wish would never end. No schedule to keep. Kids that get along and don’t whine too much. Time spend together with family. Smiles. Laughter. The sun shining brightly in a blue sky without a single cloud in sight. A cool breeze dancing around us. And the […]

Snapshot Sunday #7


This past week was a busy one with all the preparation and parties for Valentine’s Day.The girls both had their parties on Thursday since we didn’t have any school on Friday (or Monday, yay, for 4 day weekends). I thought, it would be fun to make home-made Valentines a la Pinterest for a change and […]

Fill in Fun on Val..


This is Ally at her Valentine’s Day party today. Did I already mention how great it is to be able to stop by her room and be there with her for her little parties and such? It’s a really awesome perk of working at the same school as the kids. I mean, super duper awesome! […]

Squeaky Wheel {Wor..


Carmel is Ashley’s new hamster and he has soooooo much energy. He runs on the shell all night long and it squeaks and squeaks. Not sure how Ash sleeps through the noise!

Snapshot Sunday #6


The girls and I are spending the weekend with my mom while the boys are off to the Big Apple freezing their bums off. Here are just a few snapshots from our weekend fun… Hope everyone is having a fun and relaxing weekend! xo, Susi

Betty Crocker Muff..


Monday I had to leave work early because we were expecting a delivery. Since I started working again, I barely have had time to do any baking and it just seems too much effort to do everything from scratch. On one of our recent trips to the grocery store, I picked up a few baking […]

Make a wish {Wordl..


“Mommy, I made a wish! Can I have another money now?” She ended up making about five wishes and since I ran out of pennies, the last ones were worth a bit more.



Lately, I’ve really enjoyed looking at the sky… A lot. There’s just something about the way the clouds have been backlit. In the morning. In the evening. In the afternoon. All of the time lately. Just gorgeous. Here are a few recent iPhone photos that I took over the past few days!!! Hope you enjoy!!! […]

Friday fun on a be..


Florida seems to have decided to return to the scheduled program and shower us with beautiful blue skies and sunshine. I’ll take it over the cold, grey and wet skies any day! I’m typing this – on my brand spanking new iPad mini – sitting outside, with a cup of coffee by my side… Last […]

Snapshot Sunday #5


This week’s look back is a mix of Ally, some of our pets and me! I was greeted early one morning by Daisy, Ashley’s hamster, clinging to the corner of her cage. She’s a little acrobat – it’s funny to watch. And as of Friday afternoon a new pet has joined our zoo – Ashley […]

Reflections {Throu..


I’m finally able to join up with Greta and Alison for their photography project for this year. Thanks to my darling friend Leslie who let me know that this week’s prompt is “reflection” when she saw one of the pics I posted on Instagram earlier this week. I have always loved capturing the reflection of […]