190/365 – 193/365 Beauty all around me

From the top, clockwise…


Is it any wonder I love where I work when I see this view daily as I pull into our school. Thursday, we took the kids on a little “pond safari” and since we have a little resident gator right now, we could only stay outside, along the fence instead of going in like we did last year. We got lucky though and the gator popped his head out of the water to say hello. :)


Little One and I have been taking our Gracie for walks at night, something I’ve been sorely slack about but really enjoy. L.O. decided she wanted a photo of herself with Gracie. I was happy to oblige.


Saturday, we were invited to Ramadan dinner/break the fast at our friends’ house and the last time we were there, the husband had mentioned how much he liked Apfelstrudel (apple strudel). So I decided to surprise him. Everyone loved it. It also made me realize that I have yet to share a strudel recipe on this blog. So keep your eyes out, it’s in the works. 


I got a lot of chores done today… cleaning out L. O. closet was one, and oh my, does this girl have a lot of clothes. I have bags of it to give away. Some will go to a friend and whatever she doesn’t want another friend is taking with her to Mexico when she goes on her missions trip with her church. The clothes will go to kids in an orphanage. It makes me happy knowing that it’s going there and hopefully, making a child smile. I also have a huge bag of stuffed animals – any suggestions on where to donate would be greatly appreciated. I also did some more laundry, cleaned the inside of my car (The seats needed a good leather cleaning. Who decided a tan interior would be fabulous in a car?!?! I hate it.), and supervised middle daughter spray-painting out mailbox (Our HOA told us to!). To finish of the evening, M. D. and I took Gracie for a walk under the soft evening sky… surrounded by no-seeums, annoying little buggers, especially when you are sweaty from dealing with manual labor. :) All in all a good day. 

Now, on to another week. Tomorrow, I will take L.O. to the doctor to see what this cough she has is all about. It’s been lingering for a few weeks – no fever, not complaining of a sore throat or other aches and pains, eating and sleeping normal – just an annoying, inceasingly wet sounding cough. 

I hope, you all had a wonderful weekend with lots of fun and relaxation. 

Alles Liebe, Susi

188/365 – 189/365 It’s for the birds


Meet Oliver. A screech owl. Isn’t he the cutest? He’s a rescue at Green Cay Wetlands in Boynton Beach and we got to meet him and learn about him and other wildlife local to us here in Florida. Our science camp field trips are not only fun, they are also educational. :)

And this is yours truly holding Georgina, an African Grey parrot. She was so sweet and patient and let all the kids hold her. Today, was truly one of my favorite field trip days. We went to visit McCarthys Wildlife Sanctuary a marvelous place with around 200 rescued animals… lions, tigers, a liger, leopards, monkeys, birds and many more. It’s something you just have to see for yourself. 

I hope you are having a fabulous summer so far and a great week. Weekend’s right around the corner… :)

xoxo, Susi

181/365 – 187/365 A Week in Review

Busy much? I’d say so. Nearly every day last week was packed full of activities. There were (friends’) birthdays to celebrate. Movies (Magic Mike XXL) to be seen. Our nation’s birthday to celebrate and fireworks to be admired. 

On Tuesday and Wednesday we went on field trips again with camp – to the beach for another clean-up and some snorkeling and to the Everglades for an airboat ride and an alligator show with Chris from The Gatorboys, a show airing on Animal Planet. The rest of the week we were busy at camp. 

Then Thursday evening, it was my turn for a fun ladies night to celebrate my friend and colleague’s birthday — so much fun!!! 

Friday, the whole family went to another friend’s house to celebrate their son’s birthday who is also a very good friend of middle’s.  

Saturday, the girls and I went to another friend and colleague’s house for a few hours in the afternoon and then hubby’s friend came over for dinner and fireworks. The girls and I watched the big show put on in a nearby park conveniently from one of the lakes by our house. 

Sunday was a fairly lazy day with a pit stop at Trader Joes after picking up the boy from his friend’s house, followed by some lemonade making, and then dinner with great-grandma. 

And here we are today, after another busy day at camp. A nice Indian dinner at home – thanks to Trader Joe’s – and a nice evening walk with the pooch and Little One. Gracie, our yorkie, tried coming to camp with us this morning. She hopped into the car, right into little one’s arms. As soon as L. O.  put her out again, she ran to the opposite car door and jumped in the car again… 

Hope everyone had an amazing week filled with lots of summer fun, adventure and relaxation! 

xoxo, Susi

P. S. What about that World Cup win by our awesome women’s team? #USWNT