Paintball, early w..

sunrise on the way to school

Here I sit on the couch at 10 pm on Sunday night and finally have some time to finish up this post. I started uploading and setting up all the Instagram pics last night and had planned on writing some blurbs about each one earlier today. But it was not to be… The day had […]

A heated pool, Sed..

2014 04 19_2347

So, I’m going to try to give you all a glimpse of what the past two weeks have been like around these parts and why I’ve been MIA. I’ll start with last weekend when we went to visit my mom to spend some time with friends from Germany who were visiting. The weekend before they […]

Hello? Hello? Anyo..

2014 04 13_2215

There’s been quite a lot going on. We’ve had visitors here, went visiting my mom’s and just have been generally busy during the week with school and work. But I think, I’m finally at a point where I don’t put pressure on myself anymore about having to post on the blog… I’m still around other […]

Pool’s Open&..

photo (2)

Girlies took their first dip in the pool this past weekend. It’s still too cold for me – I probably won’t be swimming before June – when the temp is a little more to my liking! Linking up with Hilary and Claudia! Hope you all had a great “hump day”! xo, Susi

Visitors, goodies ..


Hi guys! Remember me? It’s been a few days… This week was a pretty easy week to go back to work too. Just 4 days followed by a three day weekend. Little Shirley went back to the school science lab after spending Spring break with us but came home again for the three day weekend. […]

#fmsphotoaday R..

#fmsphotoaday march 2014

I made it all the way through March and snapped a pic for every daily prompt. A few times, I was a little late and at one point I had to make a little collage when I was trying to catch up… But, I made it through. I think, that’s a first. I’ve started many […]

Spring Cleaning an..

An after work selfie with my helper and a photobomb by little sister. :)

Spring break is effectively over. One more day of rest tomorrow and then it’s back to the grind. I really needed this week… There was so much that had been left on the wayside since I started working. Things that I usually was able to take care of while the kids were in school. And […]

Let’s Play B..


Linking up with Hilary. Happy Wordless Wednesday!!!  

Sunshine after Rai..


The day dawned gloomy and grey, just like yesterday and while I sat in the dentist chair getting my teeth cleaned the skies opened and the rain poured down. Yeah, I felt like crying too… But then, who likes going to the dentist? We all got a clean bill of dental health, minus one small […]

First day of Sprin..


Today was our first day of Spring Break, if you don’t count the weekend. It was overcast and the drizzle here and there turned into full fledged rain later in the day. I wasn’t too upset about it, since we had some chores to take care of anyways. The girls and I had lunch at […]

Palm Tree (Pressgr..


Can’t get enough of using the updated Pressgram app. Love all the options and it’s fun. A little of this and a little of that and the picture looks a whole lot different than when I first took it. I love palm trees and still remember the first one I saw when we arrived on […]

TGIF and fill ins

conner,ally and me - edit

This picture is from Ally’s Spring celebration party yesterday. Conner joined us because no one was around in the middle school – most of the kids were still on their field trips and the rest didn’t bother coming in since it was the last day before Spring Break! I look at this picture and still […]