Apfelstrudel {quick and easy apple strudel recipe}

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A few weeks ago, we were at our friends’ house and while there, the husband mentioned that he had seen a show on the Food Network where they made apple strudel. Me, being me, I decided to look up my recipe and ask my mom for hers to see if I could make it for him. It’s been quite some time since I last made it and while I know the general ingredients, I wasn’t sure on the timing or the measurements. My mom to the rescue. I have always considered apple strudel, or Apfelstrudel, as we call it, to be her recipe. I was also surprised that I had never shared the recipe on the blog – the first place I checked when I thought about making it. Well, here it is, pictures and all! Now, I always know where to look for it. :)

I combined both my mom’s and the recipe I found in my recipe folder, as well, as changing things up a bit, as I’m known to do.

Here are the ingredients that I used:

apple strudel

5 large Granny Smith apples

1/2 cup raisins (optional)

1/4 cup chopped almonds

1/3 cup agave syrup (instead of sugar)

2 table spoons cinnamon

2 puff pastry sheets (I used Pepperidge Farm)

1 egg, beaten

2 table spoons water


apple strudel-2



Preheat oven to 350° degrees. Beat egg and add 2 table spoons water. Mix together and set aside. Peel and cut the apple into small, bite size pieces. Add chopped apples, raisins, almonds, agave syrup, and cinnamon to a bowl, mix all ingredients together, let sit for a few minutes.

Take one pastry sheet (follow package directions for defrosting) and roll out to a rectangle, about 16×12 inches, on a floured surface. I use my big bamboo cutting board. Spoon the apple mixture onto one side of the pastry sheet and leave about an inch free on all sides. Brush on the egg/water mixture all around the pastry sheet. Fold over the side that doesn’t hold any apple mixture and pinch the ends and sides together. Cut some slits in the top and brush the whole top with the egg/water mixture for a nice golden brown crust. Repeat with the second pastry sheet.

Put both filled pastry sheets (very carefully) onto a cookie sheet covered with parchment paper. Bake at 350° degrees for about 20 – 30 minutes until golden brown. Sprinkle with confectioners’ sugar.

apple strudel-4

My favorite way to eat Apfelstrudel is slightly warmed with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side. (I didn’t have any on hand when I made it.)

apple strudel-6

I surprised our friends a week or so later when we were invited for dinner. They loved it. :) I hope, you will too.

Guten Appetit!

xoxo, Susi



Project 365: Day 201 to Day 207 {Weekly Recap}

The past two weeks have gone by in a blur and I have yet to post my new weekly Project 365 update, as I had promised in my last post. This summer is kicking my butt in more ways than one. I’m drained. Tired, sick and drained and thoughts of sleeping for a week straight seem heavenly. I remember, at the end of the school year, thinking that I couldn’t wait for summer and relaxation and wondering now, where that is. It’s just been so unbearably hot and we haven’t had nearly enough rain… So each day, I come home more tired and this week, to add insult to injury, I’m also a bit under the weather. I have a bit of a cough/cold. And today, my voice was coming and going. Not so good when trying to make a bunch of kids pay attention to you.

Anyways, here is last week’s round up of #project365 posts as seen on Instagram (You can find me here —> @bocafrau) and my Facebook page.

Monday, Day 201:

This view is so relaxing and I often sit or stand and relax for a few minutes to enjoy it, while out for my evening walk with our pooch Gracie. Most nights, we go right around 7 pm but when we go a little later, the sky usually looks much more brilliant.

day 201

Tuesday, Day 202:

We visited the zoo with camp and these two made quite the ruckus. But I forgave them since they posed so nicely for me. :)

day 202

Wednesday, Day 203:

The more clouds, the better the picture, usually. This one was no exception… I could have sworn it would start pouring but we did not get so lucky.

day 203

Thursday, Day 204:

Thursday night, means jam night now. Hubby and his friend got a gig at a local bar on Thursday nights. Love it when he goes off to work with his guitar slung over his shoulder.

day 204

Friday, Day 205:

The girls and I went on a road trip to my mom’s house on the west coast. She’s had a lot more rain then we have and it pretty much rained and drizzled all weekend. But each evening, the sky turned pink and then to flame. Simply breath-taking!

day 207

Saturday, Day 206:

Middle was at it again with another make-over. This time with a pop-art inspired look.

day 206

Sunday, Day 207:

The girls and I made it back in plenty of time for a nice walk and I couldn’t resist taking a snap of the sun flare peeking out from in-between the big tree I always walk to.

day 205

So there you have it. Last week. I’ll try to post this week on Sunday… which reminds me of when I used to do my Snapshot Sunday posts, kinda like this Project 365 weekly recap. Ah, life, always going around and ’round in circles.

After tomorrow, I have one more week of camp left, then a week “off” before heading back to school on August 18, while the kids get to relax until the 24th. Summer, always so precious, yet so short. Of course, these days, I look forward to Christmas break, since I’ll actually have 2 weeks off…

I have a few post ideas and really, really, really hope to get to work on them the week after next and then schedule them to roll out one by one. Fingers crossed I won’t be too tired or busy to get to it.

Hope everyone is well. Miss you guys, so much…

xoxo, Susi


199/365 and 200/365 The Weekend


We spent the weekend getting used to this. Luckily there wasn’t much on the schedule and this cutie pie was able to relax and get better. She was an “only child” for most of the weekend. Sister was away in Miami with her Bestie and the boy was at his best friend’s house. 



Gracie does not usually sit pretty for me when she sees the phone or camera stuck in her face. She tends to run right up to me for belly rubs and doggie kisses. I got really lucky with this shot and was so happy I managed to be fast enough!!! 

On Sunday, L.O. felt good enough to have lunch  with great-grandma and great-aunt and uncle visiting from India. She loves getting dressed up and wearing her little “heels”. I look at her and can’t believe how fast our baby is growing up…
An how could I resist the gratuitous sunset shot from our daily evening walks. This one was edited in Snapseed…  

I can’t believe I’ve made it to day 200 of my project 365. Granted, lately I’ve been posting spordically and often posted several days at ones, but I’ve been taking pictures each and every day. I don’t have any rules or guidelines when it comes to my project, except to use a picture from that day, either iPhone or big girl camera. I’m going to make a change that I’ve mentioned before – instead of posting to the blog I will share my daily photo on Instagram (I’m @bocafrau !) and then compile a weekly post here on the blog. I’m hopeful that it will make things a little easier and smoother running for me. 

I hope, you are all having a great week!

xoxo, Susi

194/365 – 198/365 It’s been a week…


From top left…

194/365  — Monday started off with an unexpected “day off” for me to take little one to the doctor for a bad cough she’d been fighting for a while. Middle daughter stayed home and we all enjoyed lunch together after. Little One and I have been getting in the habit of walking Gracie in the mornings and evenings. She loves it when I take pictures of her walking Gracie… she is the perfect size for her after all. :)

195/365 — Tuesday was a field trip day at camp at a nature preserve a little north of us. It was ok all in all but not one of my favorites. I think, I would have preferred to explore it on my own more. Or maybe the oppressive heat just made me cranky…

196/365 — Wednesday was for Cotton Candy and splash-a-thon fun at camp. The kids had fun splashing around bounce houses/water slides for an hour and I sat in the shade with the other counselors keeping a watchful eye on our campers while enjoying “fair” food and indulging in conversation with the parents of our Swedish camper. 

197/365 — Thursday made me glow for the black light party. Thanks to one of my colleagues we had glow-in-the-dark markers and paint. Our group came prepared and had a blast. 

198/365 — Friday ended the way the week started, with L.O. at the doctor. Now she gets to take more meds and has to have breathing treatments for the forseable future. And the morning started off so well too. My little Batgirl had so mch fun trying to outsmart my Jokergirl for Superhero Day at camp. 

And now, for a hopefully quiet weekend. Have a good night my friends.

Alles Liebe, Susi