93/365 Bird Watching, with a few gators thrown in

Mama and Baby egret

  Yesterday morning, the girls and I were lucky enough to tag along with my friend and her mom for some bird watching. It’s Spring. Time for new babies. And we saw plenty of those. So instead of just one picture, I’ll share a whole gallery. Click on an image to start the gallery and […]



  I love me some Palm trees, especially when there is a bright blue sky and the Palm fronds are waving in a nice breeze. Will never ever tire of seeing these… #itsthelittlething xoxo, Susi Like this:Like Loading…

91/365 Life is fragile


  Life is so fragile. One minute you are here, the next you can be gone. Just like this rose, with petals that are starting to wilt and will die before long.  Fragile… Yesterday, the father of one of the boy’s good friend’s died unexpectedly.  Tomorrow, my son and I will go to the memorial […]