72/365 – 75/365 A busy weekend


It’s been a busy few days and I don’t want to let anymore time go by without posting my daily photo for project 365. 72/365 – Friday… Who is this young lady? I look at her and wonder what happened to my little girl. The one who didn’t want to walk because she knew she […]

Old School Blogging – Randomness


I haven’t done any true blogging in quite some time. I mean, my Project 365 is blogging too but it’s not the same as writing a post. So what better way than to join Elaine and her co-host Julia for some Old School Blogging fun? If you could be on a reality show which one […]

71/365 Speedy


 This is Speedy. My lab pet. She’s a red-footed tortoise and loved by all who come to the lab. The students love watching her and when I let some of the quieter ones hold her they are always very happy. Speedy is going home with one of the science teachers for Spring Break next […]