Thanksgiving fun and fill ins…

family picture Thanksgiving 2014

For the first time in a very, very long time we didn’t cook for Thanksgiving and ate out instead. Hubby’s grandma was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s related dementia about two years ago and because of that it’s just been easier to go eat at her club where she is comfortable and close to home. Do we […]

Cotton Candy “Crush” – Oktoberfest in Casselberry Pt. 1(Wordless Wednesday)

cotton candy 6

(*These are part of a series of photos taken at Oktoberfest in Casselberry, Florida on October 25th, 2014! I will share more of our fun time there in the coming weeks.) Happy hump day! So happy it’s a short week and little one is on the mend. xoxo, Susi Linking up with: and Tabitha @ […]

iPhone Photo Dump

photoGridImage (1)

I have pics on my phone that I haven’t shared. Not even on Facebook. So I decided to do a phone photo dump… something I’ve never really done before. I made two collages so it won’t be too overwhelming. It also serves as a way for me to get myself out of my “blogging funk”. […]

A question, or two, or three…


I’ve been in a kind of blogging funk lately. Most of you know by now that I don’t have the time I used to have to devote to blogging. But lately, even when I had the time, I didn’t blog. It’s strange, even though I have the urge to blog and often think to myself, […]