My 10 Most Remembered Books

So, it’s Monday and I skipped out on the list master Stasha last week. Mostly because I was kinda, sorta busy and didn’t get around to it and also because I couldn’t really think of anything. Because lets face it… celebrities are in a class of their own.

I’m an avid reader, well, I used to be before I was a busy mommy running after three kids, 2 dogs and a cat… oh, and you know, can’t forget the hubby. (I like to call him my fourth child!!!) Although, I don’t get to read as much as I used to, I still do and enjoy every minute of living along with various characters.

Here is my list of books that I remember most vividly for one reason or another. They are in a kind of chronological order by their appearance in my life.

1. The Neverending Story by Michael Ende

This is the first novel I remember reading that truly started my love affair with books. I remember when I got this book as a present from either my grandma or my parents (I’m a little fuzzy on the details here.) for Christmas. It was MY first book and a hard cover to boot. Books, especially hard covers are very expensive in Germany. I felt so special. The story sucked me in. I still have the book. Middle daughter just got it out of the shelf… oh, the memories.

2.  New Orleans Legacy by Alexandra Ripley

The book has a different title in German and I had a hard time finding the name and author… my mom came to the rescue. I remember this book as another one in hard cover and it was a biggie. I fell in love with New Orleans reading this book. Even more when I went for Mardi Gras one year. I hope, to go back one day and look at it through more adult eyes. Craw fish and beignets… sigh.

3. Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

Here is the scenario: Newly immigrated German student, barely speaks any English (even after studying it for four years), comes in during the second semester of 11th grade and the first book report due… Of Mice and Men. I don’t remember much about it, only that I had to look up every second word in my dictionary. I HATED it. I should get myself a copy now and see if I would enjoy diving in.

4. His Bright Light:The Story Of Nick Traina by Danielle Steele

I’ve read many of her books, some over and over again. But this one has always stood out. It’s about her son, his battle with bipolar disorder and his subsequent suicide at age 17. I just remember crying and feeling her pain.

5. Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice

This is the one that started it all… my love of all things vampire. I fell in love with Louis and Lestat and their nocturnal life in New Orleans and Paris. After this one I read many more of Anne Rice’s vampire novels and just recently got myself Interview with a Vampire and The Vampire Lestat at our friends used book store. I can’t wait to dive in again.

6. Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris

I’m pretty sure I read this before I ever saw the movie and was somewhat disappointed in the movie. The book also made me into a Thomas Harris fan for quite some time and I loved reading his books. I don’t really enjoy reading this type of stuff anymore. Especially, since reading his Black Sunday… I still get scared just thinking about it.

7. Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain

Have you ever seen No Reservations on the Travel Channel? Bourdain is in a class by himself. The hubby got the book because he loved the show and was fascinated by the man’s cooking advice. This book is an auto biography and chronicles Bourdains rise to fame from dishwasher in tiny, hole in the wall restaurants kitchens to head chef at Les Halles in NYC to host of his own show on the Travel Channel. Reading the book you feel like watching one of his shows. I loved it.

8. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson

Who hasn’t read this book? It’s been a big deal for a while now. This was one of the “heavier” books I’ve read recently. I prefer easy reading, fluff if you will, that doesn’t take too much concentration. (Having only a limited amount of reading time.) But this one, I couldn’t put it down. You just can’t help but feel for Lisbeth and what she’s going through. I can’t wait to read the other two. Already got my copy of book number two in the trilogy.

9. The Twilight Saga ( Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn) by Stephenie Meyer

You knew this one was coming eventually, right? This is the little saga that I haven’t been able to put down… I’ve read all the books numerous times. As a matter of fact, I believe, I spent most of 2011 reading and re-reading these books. I know, I will again before long, so the details are nice and fresh again before Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 comes out in November. I know, I’m a total nerd… but I love me some Twilight and sparkly vampires.

10. Skewered Halo by Brenda Youngerman

This is the last book I read. I was so sucked into this story that I ended up sitting in the tub for two hours with the water growing cold because I had to know the ending. It was my first Youngerman novel but it won’t be my last. Budget allowing I will start getting Brenda’s other books one by one. Some of you know and love Brenda as much as I do. But if you haven’t heard about her, I urge you to check out her blog. She’s a self published author and all around wonderful human being.