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    Droning on… (Wordless Wednesday)

    Boys and their toys! Happy hump day everyone! We are getting closer to that much needed Winter break and I cannot wait, especially the way I’m currently feeling! Kids and their germs… Ugh! Linking…

    December 10, 2014
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    Weekly musings and fill in fun

    It’s Friday. Yippee! Only two more weeks until Winter break. This really has new meaning to me now… Especially this year. I’ve been at my current position for one year now and oh my,…

    December 5, 2014
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    Filling in the blanks and blog hopping…

    It’s few and far between that I have time to join Hilary for her blog hop on time. Lately, I’ve been posting on Saturdays, if at all. But tonight, I happened to think of…

    October 9, 2014
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    Friday is here, and I’m so glad!

    You know the deal. It’s Friday! I’m a little late to the party as usual but ready to do some fill-ins. Hilary’s Follow Friday Fill-in Fun to be exact. For more info on her…

    September 19, 2014
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    FFFFF and some pics…

    Happy late Friday, gang! Hope you all had a good week… Before the day is over I wanted to tag along with Hilary and do her Follow Friday Fill in Fun hop and share…

    May 30, 2014
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    Hello and Friday Fill in Fun

    This is Ally with Odo, her new turtle buddy that she won at Sea Turtle Fest last weekend! She’s a lucky girl! 🙂 Hi guys, Do you remember me? It’s been a while. So…

    March 7, 2014
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    Fill in Fun on Valentine’s Day

    This is Ally at her Valentine’s Day party today. Did I already mention how great it is to be able to stop by her room and be there with her for her little parties…

    February 13, 2014