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    All By Myself

    Thursday has become the day I leave work all by myself. Conner has soccer practice. Ash dance. And Ally has drama. That means I get one hour all to myself. Each week I tell…

    November 3, 2016
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    Where have all the bloggers gone?

    I stared writing this post on my Facebook page and realized, as I was writing, that it was getting a bit long and I may as well put it on my blog, like an…

    July 17, 2016
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    Snapshot Sunday (Oct. 5, 2014)

      Blogging… it comes in fits and starts right now. And even when I’m not posting, I think about posting. Life is busy right now. Busier than we’ve ever been before. Middle daughter has…

    October 5, 2014
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    Goodbyes and new beginnings (sort of)

    My dear friends, followers and readers, Over the past couple of months it has become very clear to me that blogging has taken a serious backseat in my life and after some initial feelings…

    August 10, 2014
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    [Late night] Friday Four Fill in Fun

      I don’t know where to start. It’s been a bit of a busy week and I haven’t had much time for anything blogging related – you may have noticed the scarcity of posts this…

    December 6, 2013