Baby Chicks (Wordless Wednesday)

Little, itty bitty baby chicks only 3 days old. They hatched on Monday in the lower school’s science lab and everyone is in love with them and wants to take them home. My kids are begging for one but alas our HOA won’t allow it!
Happy hump day everyone!
xoxo, Susi

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Magnolia blossoms

I’ve been waiting with bated breath for the first magnolia blossoms to bloom at school. We have magnolia trees all across the campus and it’s a sight to see when they all pop up up – big and white and beautiful.
On Friday, as I was walking from my lab to the front office across campus I noticed some here and there and it made me smile. Of course, I couldn’t resist snapping a quick shot.
And I always think of my mom. She has always loved magnolia trees and wants a big one so bad!!!
xo, Susi

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Sunshine after Rain

The day dawned gloomy and grey, just like yesterday and while I sat in the dentist chair getting my teeth cleaned the skies opened and the rain poured down. Yeah, I felt like crying too… But then, who likes going to the dentist?
We all got a clean bill of dental health, minus one small cavity for little one which will be fixed soon.
When we left, the rain had stopped and the sun was peeking out behind the clouds so we took a drive along the ocean.
It was just about perfect.

Oh, and the smoothies we stopped for at McDonald’s helped too.
The bottom image is just a fun shot I took because I liked the sun flare!
Hope everyone has a great day!

xo, Susi

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A side trip to the beach {Wordless Wednesday}

We live all the way west, about 30 minutes from the beach. Our dentist is all the way east, maybe about 5 minutes from the beach.

The benefit of having a dentist so far away from home but close to the beach? You guessed it. An unexpected side trip to said beach -after an all clear for all three kiddos… no cavities – and some lunch at BurgerFi.









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