FFFFF and some pics…

Happy late Friday, gang! Hope you all had a good week…

Before the day is over I wanted to tag along with Hilary and do her Follow Friday Fill in Fun hop and share these two photos with you.

I love the colors in the top one – the green against the white/blue sky.

And the bottom one – looking at it just soothes my soul. Such a pretty sunset!!!

30may - road scape

30may - calm sunset

Each week, Hilary lists four statements with a blank for us to fill in on our own blogs. If you want to join the fun and come up with four fill in’s of your own, please email them to her. If she uses them, she will add you as co-host to the hop! Hilary REALLY NEEDS STATEMENTS! which is why she has no co-host today…. help a girl out.. PLEASE? —

Oooops, I think, I have a google doc floating around with some statements… I’ll have to look and send it to Hilary ASAP!!!

This week’s statements:

  1.  I drink _____ in the AM
  2.   I read ____
  3. Sometimes I wonder _____ but then _____
  4. Given the choice between ____ and ____ I’d pick ____

My answers:

  1. I drink coffee in the AM. Usually two cups and then I switch to water and later on tea.
  2. I read more again lately, which makes me really happy… I recently finished “The Fault in Our Stars”, “The Divergent Series”, “The Giver”, and am currently reading “The Ultimate Gift”.
  3. Sometimes I wonder about how my life turned out and how different it would be if I hadn’t ended up here in the States but then I look around me and am happy that this is where I am!
  4. Given the choice between getting up early and staying up late I’d pick staying up late each and every time. :)
Feeling Beachie

xoxo, Susi

Snapshot Sunday #1 – The week in review

Here I am again, back with an all new Snapshot Sunday for this year. I was going back and forth trying to decide if I should rename it Project 365 because I’ve seen many other blogs do it that way but decided to stick to Snapshot Sunday instead. I’m starting the count over for the year but will keep the premise the same – a look back at my week in (mostly) Instagram pictures. If you do a Project 365 or a similar weekly look back leave a link in the comments – I’d love to visit and say hello!!! Oh, and if you are on Instagram – one of my all time favorite ways to connect, leave your user name – I’m bocafrau!!!

Click on any of the images to open a slide show and see captions!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week! For us it’s back to school and a new job for me (more on that later). It’s going to be a tough few days getting used to a 6 AM wake-up call again!

bocafrau sunset signature

P.S. Focus on Mom will return this coming Wednesday – stay tuned for more info! Hope you had the chance to get in the picture over the holidays and are ready to share them with Nicolette and I!!!


Pic Wrap #12 {Spring Break}

Here’s my PicWrap for the week. Please, click on an image to open the slide show function and read the captions. Thanks and enjoy!

If you’d like to know more about our family trip you may want to read hubby’s take on it over on his blog. I will post lots of picture goodness sometime later this week!

Feel free to link up your own picture goodness from the past week!!!

Picture Perfect Sundays #18

I love to share photos and I love Instagram. I was one happy little blogger when Instagram became available on Android devices. I jumped, no leaped, on that particular social media bandwagon and have developed a new love affair/addiction with it. Because of this love affair I have decided to start my very own Sunday link up called… Picture Perfect Sundays!!!
I would love it if you would join me and share the treasures you captured with Instagram/phone camera/any other camera during the past week. I see a lot of fantastic, cute, funny and happy moments every day.

Share just one or many of your pictures and add a small description.

Just paste the badge into your post or sidebar and follow me… quick and simple. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter and of course, Instagram!

This week I didn’t take too many pictures but still have a few to share.

Today I spent most of the day prepping for the arrival of Tropical Storm Isaac.

Hubby and I cleaned the pool area and put everything inside. The pool deck is mostly empty and the garage filled to the hilt.

I went to the store and battled the crowds to get some non-perishable food and extra water in case we lose power.

I also did more laundry than I ever thought possible in a day… I managed to do 5 loads and everything is already folded and put away.

I may have gone overboard but even if we don’t lose power and it turns out not to be a big deal I’ll have a day to relax and only a small pile of laundry for a change!!! :)

The kids school will be closed on Monday — it would have been their first day of school — guess it’ll be on Tuesday now.

Okay then, here are a few of my Instagram shots from the last week.

Middle and the boy waiting out a rain storm by his locker during open house on Friday.

I couldn’t believe how happy they were to see their friends and go back to school.

Makes me happy! :)

Middle giving me a pedicure by the pool . A beautiful day with lots of sun…

The boy’s first golf practice. He had a good time and did well.

His thumbs not so much, he walked away with two huge blisters.

Didn’t stop him from going again two days later.

So proud.

Little One on her sister’s laptop.

Concentrating so hard.

She amazes me by how much she already knows.

 Homemade chicken soup for my poor hubby who was laid up on the couch most of the week.

He”s doing much better…

 Sisters getting along and hanging out with Joey watching over them.

He’s my neighbor’s dog and such a sweetheart.

The girls love him.


Now it’s your turn. Hope you all had a wonderful week. Can’t see your pics!!!

xo, Susi