Their silly side… (Wordless Wednesday)


My kids. Being silly. It usually starts with one and then the other two have to chime in. Happy Wednesday my friends! Hope all is well. I miss you and blogging… Hopefully, someday soon, I will have a little extra time. Lots of love, Susi   Linking with Claudia at Images by CW! Like this:Like […]

Fill in Fun and some snapshots {Snapshot Sunday 10/18/2014}

tree at sunset

It’s Friday. It’s Saturday night. It was another glorious day here in South Florida. It’s just me and my two oldest home for the weekend. The hubby took little one for their father-daughter weekend trip to New York. The trip she’s been waiting for forever. It was finally her turn and from what I hear, […]

Snapshot Sunday {9/14/14}

signature green tea

It’s that time of week again. Time to look back at the week that was. I finally did a Snapshot Sunday last week, over here. Since I’m back to old faithful here, I’m going to continue here! I wrote a little about our busy week in this post but didn’t share any of the pictures I […]

Our week in Instagrams…

The past few mornings, the sky has been so gorgeous that I actually want to stop the car and just take it in.

These past two weeks have been pretty busy with me working late (past my scheduled time) every day. By the time the four of us (the kids and I) get home it’s time to cook dinner, do homework, maybe do a little laundry and then get ready for bed. Once I have time to decompress […]