My Boy…

my boy collage

  “Son, you outgrew my lap, but never my heart.” ~Unknown It’s been a week of many new things, more grown-up things. The first locker at school, learning how to open that lock. A pierced ear, because that seemed to be the thing to do. Meetings for joining the golf team. Trying on golf shoes, in […]

Beach Lover

beach quote

See that little one running? That’s one of my beach babes… the youngest. I wish I could stop time, maybe slow it down a bit. Today, I went with the boy to buy his books. He’s a middle schooler now. Before we know it, it’ll be early mornings, drives to school and afternoons spend doing […]


patience quote

 I consider myself a fairly patient person. I roll with the punches and don’t get too frustrated when things don’t go quite as planned. I can wait without too much trouble for events in the future. Except, right now my patience is being tested and I feel very impatient. This shower/bathroom remodel seems to be […]

A child’s laughter {Quotable Bits}

laughter quote

Don’t you agree? I know that when I have a bad day, when I’m down, when I’m upset, when things don’t go the way I planned, when I want to crawl into a hole… The sound of my children’s laughter will always put a smile on my face, will make me happy, is music to […]