A rainy afternoon tea party

What better way to spend a rainy afternoon then with a tea party?

Finally, a quiet afternoon spent with my neighbor, walking buddy and friend and her lovely daughter who is also the best sitter and dog walker around.

After the last couple of crazy weeks it was nice to take a load off and enjoy some delicious Davidson’s Tea and Donsuemor Madeleine cookies. Share a few hours of easy conversation and enjoy the children’s laughter.

I’ve always been a tea drinker and it’s nice to know that someone else shares that quiet enjoyment of a cup of tea. My dining room actually got some usage for a change… usually it’s reserved for homework or art projects. But today I took the time to set it up nicely, lay out our choices of Madeleine cookies (Traditional, Lemon Zest, Dipped Madeleines and Chocolate) and Davidson’s Tea (Vanilla Cream Spice, Tulsi Hibiscus Flower and Bing Cherry with Almond) and then wait for our company.

As we sat and laughed and sipped at our tea, the cookies made a fast disappearing act. I don’t think there was a clear favorite among the children… they liked them all. My boy of course especially enjoyed the chocolate Madeleines. But then he is a chocoholic!!! My friend and I truly enjoyed the Lemon Zest Madeleines. They were not too sweet and the lemon flavor is not over-powering. As a whole, I enjoy the Madeleine cookies… they are light and buttery and moist. Just delish.

We were even joined by my little princess who like the other girls enjoyed more than one cup of the Tulsi Hibiscus Flower tea with a touch of honey or sugar. It’s such a smooth and lightly flavored tea that’s perfect for kids who aren’t tea drinkers. My boy had several cups of the Vanilla Cream Spice tea. He added a liberal amount of honey and enjoyed it immensely. I liked the tea,as well. It has a stronger, more intense flavor than the other two and could be enjoyed after dinner. (In lieu of dessert.) I also liked the subtle almond (a favorite snack of mine) flavor of the Bing Cherry with almond. As it was steeping, I couldn’t stop smelling the tea… just like an almond cookie.

One more thing. A big plus in my book, all the teas were herbal and caffeine free.


*Note: The tea and cookies were provided to me by the Abbi Agency but the content and opinions expressed in this post are my own. 

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