Wordless Wednesday

On Wednesdays I go (mostly) wordless!

Pool’s Open… {Wordless Wednesday}

photo (2)

Girlies took their first dip in the pool this past weekend. It’s still too cold for me – I probably won’t be swimming before June – when the temp is a little more to my liking! Linking up with Hilary and Claudia! Hope you all had a great “hump day”! xo, Susi

Let’s Play Ball (Wordless Wednesday)


Linking up with Hilary. Happy Wordless Wednesday!!!  

Fountain Play (Wordless Wednesday)


A fountain + two silly girls = loads of fun and laughter. Have a great day everyone! The week is half-way over and we are that much closer to Spring Break!!! Yippee…

The many faces of my middle child (Wordless Wednesday)


I know Ash won’t be too happy to see these on here so it’s a good thing that she doesn’t check the blog too often. But when you leave a treasure trove of silly pics on MY iPad this is what’s bound to happen – I am a blogger after all!!! Sorry sweetie! I love […]

A game of cat and… (Wordless Wednesday)


… lizard! Finn often brings us little “presents” – I appreciate the offer but would rather not have to deal with these. Happy Wednesday, friends! I’m hoping one of these days I’ll get around to telling you what I’ve been up to! Let’s just say it’s been a bit busy around these parts. xoxo, Susi

Fog (Wordless Wednesday)


An unusually foggy morning in South Florida. Published via Pressgram

Fog {Wordless Wednesday}


An unusually foggy morning in South Florida. Published via Pressgram

Miss Smarty Pants {Wordless Wednesday}


Ally broke out the lenses of her 3D glasses last night and wore them like this while doing homework: “So I look smart, mommy!” She was learning all about the number 2, in case you were wondering!!! Happy Hump Day! xo, Susi

Squeaky Wheel {Wordless Wednesday}


Carmel is Ashley’s new hamster and he has soooooo much energy. He runs on the shell all night long and it squeaks and squeaks. Not sure how Ash sleeps through the noise!

Make a wish {Wordless Wednesday}


“Mommy, I made a wish! Can I have another money now?” She ended up making about five wishes and since I ran out of pennies, the last ones were worth a bit more.

Hammer Time {Wordless Wednesday}

Ally new hair

A few more shots from the fair… I still get a little teary eyed looking at these pictures from before - all that pretty hair. Even if she looks super cute after. So serious… Hope everyone is having a good week!

Time for a little cat nap {Wordless Wednesday}


Happy Wednesday everyone! Wish I could take one of these every once in a while. Seems my napping days are over for now!!! (iPhone photo edited in Pixlr Express app.)