Wordless Wednesday

On Wednesdays I go (mostly) wordless!

Colorful Sky (Wordless Wednesday)


Happy hump day! xo, Susi *Linking up with Claudia at Images by CW.

Dance and Cheer… oh my! {Wordless Wednesday}


We have a dancer… And a cheerleader… All in one! She’s one busy bee these days!!! Happy middle of the week to all of you! xo, Susi

Song for Someone {Wordless Wednesday}


Happy hump day to all you fine people! xo, Susi

Boating Life (Wordless Wednesday)


Recently… on a boat! Hope you are all having a great week!!! xo, Susi

Mc Carthy Wildlife Sanctuary {Wordless Wednesday}


Happy Hump Day, everyone! xo, Susi *Linking up with Hilary and Claudia!

Lion Country Safari {Wordless Wednesday}

Lion Country Safari Collage

Last week, one of our camp field trips took us to an amazing place right in my backyard – Lion Country Safari! I cannot wait to take little one there soon. Big brother and middle daughter have been there numerous times already on field trips. For me it was the first time and I loved […]

Blowing Rocks Preserve {Wordless Wednesday}


  Happy hump day everyone! Hope you are having a great week! Linking up with Hilary and Claudia! xoxo, Susi

Raindrops {Wordless Wednesday}

2014 06 01_2715

Happy hump day everyone! Hope you guys are having a good week! Miss you lots. xo, Susi Linking up with Claudia and Hilary!

Abstract Art {Wordless Wednesday}


Created by 5 year old Ally Kleiman with paint filled egg shells at her end of year preschool party. Happy hump day everyone! xo, Susi

Fly with me… {Wordless Wednesday}

2014 04 13_2240

Linking up with Claudia and Hilary!!! xo, Susi

Bath Time {Wordless Wednesday}

2014 04 13_2100

Happy hump day everyone! xo, Susi Linking up with Claudia and Hilary!!!!  

My mom’s garden {Wordless Wednesday}

2014 04 13_2124

So pretty. So relaxing. One of my favorite things to explore and photograph. My mom’s garden… Happy Wednesday everyone!!! Linking up with… Hilary and Claudia.